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All of our coachers are CPR Certified.

Buster - Owner

27 years of Professional Training & Coach experience; PA Boxing Hall of Famer.

Notable trainees: Yusef Mack, Najai Turpin, Tybias Flowers.

Certified Rock Steady Boxing Coach for Parkinsons patients.

Crystal - Operation/Marketing Director

A member of the team since the start. Certified Rock Steady Boxing Coach for Parkinsons patients.

Robert “Bam-Bam” Hines - Morning Coach

Former IBF Junior Middle Weight World Champion. 25 years of coaching experience.

Stephen “Breadman” Edwards- Mid-Day Coach

Proven coach willing to make beginners into champions. Former Coach of 25-1, professional fighter, Julian "JRock" Williams.

Samuel “Coach Hot Hands” Davis - Trainer/Coach

Known for his pad work, Coach Hot Hands has been perfecting his practice at our gym for 9 years.

Brother Khalil - Trainer/Coach

35 years of coaching experience, 17 at our gym, working with some of the best in the industry, including Evander Holyfield. Specializes in group training.

Harold - Youth & Beginner Coach

12 years of experience teaching the basics.

Stanley “Pee-Wee” Dawson- Mid-Day Coach

An old school fighter with an old school coach's approach.

RIP Brother Nazim- Trainer/Coach 

35+ years of coaching experience, building Olympic medalists and working with World Champions, including Bernard Hopkins, "Sugar" Shane Mosely, Steve "USS" Cunningham, Karl "the Dynamite" Dargan and more. PA Boxing Hall of Famer.

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