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Available Boxing Classes

Youth Boxing Registration
(Boys & Girls/ages 7-12)

Beginning Saturday 1/21/23
10am - 11am

Drop-in Boxing Class (ages 18 & up)
Beginning Saturday 1/21/23
8:30am - 9:30am

There is a one time $25 registration fee + $50 equipment fee (boxing gloves, hand wraps, & jump rope) and the first months class fee of $75, totally $150 initially. Every month after that is an automated monthly payment of $75. 

*Youth Boxing Class fees are charged automatically monthly. To cancel class you MUST send an to email requesting us to do cancel your class membership. No refunds will be issued. Your membership will be cancelled by request and within 72 hrs after requested.*

This is a drop-in class meaning no commitment. Come as you wish and just pay $20. A boxing work out is the most incredible; giving you energy, conditioning, muscle building, and agility. 

Refer a friend that attend with you and your 1st class will be 50% off.

No Registration Necessary 

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