*Award Winning * 5 STAR RATING*

Hard work, commitment, greatness, boxing

Brilliant Trainers with over 20 years experience

Bro Nazim Richardson

Brother Nazim Richardson

Trainer of BHop, Steve Cunningham, Karl Dargan

Buster Custus, Owner

Percy "Buster" Custus

Owner, Manager, Promoter of Shulers Gym

Personal Trainer, Professional & Amatuer Trainer

Sharron Baker Strength and Conditioning

Sharon "Aunt Coach" Baker

Specializing in Strength & Conditioning

Professional & Amatuer Training

Bro Khalil Stafford -

Khalil Stafford

Specialize in Training Youth and Amatuers

Terrance Rainey Amateur Trainer

Terrance Rainey

Youth and Amateur Trainer

Hamza Muhammad - Silver Gloves President

Hamza Muhammad

Silver Gloves President, Specialize in Amateur & Professional Training

Marty Shuler, James Shuler Gym

Marty Shuler 

(Younger Bro of James Shuler)

Youth and Amateur Traniner

Robert Bam Bam Hines

Robert "Bam Bam" Hines

Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning, and Pad Work

Stephen Edwards - Julian Williams Trainer

Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

Manager and Professional Boxing Trainer